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Dec-27-2015: Stories that End Well

Marilyn Medén and Friends On this Sunday—so close after Christmas, and the last Sunday of our theme, Story—we will listen to, read, and interpret stories that illustrate our principles, arrive from many sources, and end well. It will be a joyous, and yet serious; interactive, and yet personal; relaxing, and yet engaging time.

Dec-13-2015: Sometimes a Blue Christmas

Rev. Debra Thorne As we approach the longest night of the year, we pause and touch the tender places of loss and hurt. The Blue Christmas Service is a time for acknowledging both personal pain and the suffering in the world, that we may make ready our hearts for the return of hope and love.

Dec-6-2015: Wisdom from the World’s Religions

Harold Rosen, a former minister at Beacon, is now a community interfaith educator who designs and teaches courses on world religions. He will engage us in an exploration of Unitarian’s third source of wisdom—that which comes from the world’s religions that inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life. He will address the place of […]

Nov-29-2015: Extending our Welcome

Rev. Meg Roberts Coordinator: Joan Morris Beacon went through an educational process and an official vote in 2004 to become a Unitarian Universalist ‘Welcoming Congregation’, acknowledging support for the inclusion and participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. That was eleven years ago. What are some issues transgender people face today and how can […]

Nov-22-2015: Climate Change: Really, Why Should I Give a Hoot?

Terry McComas Co-ordinator: Rev. Debra Thorne One hears many alarming predictions about climate change, but sees few examples in our daily life. The local weather remains mild, our fish still swim, our gardens continue to grow. Experts generally agree that the impacts elsewhere will be more pronounced. So, why should we care?

Nov-15-2015: The Grace in Aging

Rev. Debra Thorne Aging is a spiritual practice like no other. If we were to take to heart the precariousness of our existence, what strivings and consuming, what cherished beliefs, what clung to personal stories would we let go of? And in that letting go are we prepared for what will return to us?

Nov-8-2015: Telling the Truth

Rev. Debra Thorne Telling the truth to ourselves and to others may lead to integrity. But the real truth is a fun but bumpy ride over the potholes made by little white lies, false claims, embellishments and tall stories! When must truth be spoken? On what do you stake your integrity?