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Dec-3-2017: Give Peace a Chance?

Give Peace a Chance? Rev. Debra Thorne From their hotel bed in Montreal in 1969 John and Yoko sang ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and it became the worldwide anthem for a peace movement. Do we still yearn for peace or have we become habituated to the violence around us? Are we prepared to embrace the […]

Nov-26-2017: The Reason You Walk

The Reason You Walk Vrindy Spencer, Judith McLean, and Al Sather On November 26th three Beacon speakers, Vrindy Spencer, Judith McLean, and Al Sather, will use the title of Wab Kinew’s book The Reason You Walk, to explore what is important in their lives, what gets them up in the morning, and what keeps them […]

Nov-19-2017: God has no religion

God Has No Religion Rev. Debra Thorne When we ask ultimate questions we get open ended answers. Being naturally curious, human beings continue to want to know the meaning of everything, which has led to an explosion of scientific disciplines like astrophysics and molecular biology. We know so much and so little. How has the […]

Nov-12-2017: Remembering Risks Taken

Remembering Risks Taken Rev. Debra Thorne In 1939, Waitstill and Martha Sharp, a Unitarian minister and his wife, agreed to live their principles by leaving their children behind with their congregation in Massachusetts and setting out to the front lines of World War II, to help save the lives of political dissidents and Jewish refugees. […]

Nov-5-2017: First Nations and Pipelines

Karl Perrin and Holly Arntzen Europeans colonized this land. Elsewhere (e.g. India, Kenya) the colonizers vacated. But not here. As First Nations claim rights, and Canada says it supports their “free, prior, and informed consent” before corporate colonization is permitted, we must ask, “How did we get here?” and perhaps, “Are we colonizers, colonized, or […]

Oct-29-2017: Generous Spirit

Generous Spirit Rev. Debra Thorne Every religion upholds the practice of giving as a spiritual act. Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed all offered teachings on giving as a spiritual practice. What do we as North Americans understand about the spiritual depth of giving? There are many different world views on giving—some that we are familiar with […]

Oct-8-2017: Mentoring: a Generosity of Knowledge

Rev. Debra Thorne Without the generosity of those who share their experience and knowledge, our lives would be an endless repetition of discovery—with little growth, depth or progress. Unitarians are lifelong learners but are we mentors to the next generation? Are we generous with our knowledge? Are we stingy when it comes to sharing our […]