Dec-11-2016: Revelation—Neither Sealed Nor Known

Revelation: Neither Sealed Nor Known
Rev. Ev Morris

In my opinion, the essence of Unitarian truth is simple. That which separates us from, and elevates us above all other religions, is one simple phrase: Revelation is neither sealed nor known. It amazes me that something so clear and central and basic has received such little attention. This sermon tries to correct this oversight.
Rev. Ev Morris is a member of Beacon and a retired Unitarian minister who served Beacon from 1998-2002. A few years ago Rev. Ev self published a little book of poetry and a book of sermons. He has recently produced a blog of what he assessed were his best sermons over his 15 year career as a minister. You can find these sermons and some of his other writings at

Dec-4-2016: Sweet Expectation

Sweet Expectation
Rev. Debra Thorne

Savouring possibilities that life may bring is a delicious joy, to be held lightly and released freely when expectations are not met; the wisdom comes from knowing when to hold on and when to let go. How can we hold on to a sweet expectation in these dark days of winter?



SOUL FOOD: Bread for LIFE!
Anne Morrison

This talk will explore how unfulfilled yearnings are sometimes even more depleting than going without food, by preventing us from experiencing true contentment in life. Join Anne Morrison as she explores how tending to our yearnings is the universal food that fuels our life energy and enables us to experience inner peace. We all hunger to experience our own worth and have our yearnings fulfilled.

Anne is a former member of the Beacon Unitarian Church and a current member of the First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo. As a community developer and therapist, Anne has over 40 years’ experience facilitating ways for people to transform inner pain so that they can stand tall in their own magnificence. Anne currently conducts individual, couple and family therapy, as well as therapist training and supervision, from her serene Chemainus home office. Anne’s website:

Nov-6-2016: Friends in Hard Times


Rev. Debra Thorne
Eight years ago in Chicago I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama, in a room of Unitarians, some of who had marched alongside Martin Luther King in the great civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery. It was a day of unimagined joy. This next American election has been unimaginable in a very different way. How do we understand the forces at play and support our American friends and neighbours?

Oct-30-2016: Breaking Free


Speaker: Cathy Tingskov
Service Coordinator: Marilyn Medén
‘Breaking free’ from internalized oppression, to live a happier healthier life, can be a challenging process. For some who are not quite there yet, it can take months, years, or even a lifetime to achieve. Yet, at any age, the risks and benefits are well-worth the journey.
Using personal stories, Cathy Tingskov will share some experiences on her path to breaking free. In doing so, she hopes to support and inspire others who may be on similar journeys.

Oct-23-2016: Circle of Care


Rev. Debra Thorne
Many of us value caring, value being a caring, compassionate and giving person. Yet caring too much can be detrimental to ourselves and others. Caring for the wrong reasons can be unhealthy. When we take a look at the whole circle of both care and carelessness we become more aware of our motivations behind our value of caring.

Oct-16-2016: Coming through the Storm


Rev. Debra Thorne and Deepak Sahasrabudhe
When the foundations crumble and we tumble into the darkness of loss, what do we reach for to find our way back to the light, to safety, to stability? Each of us will find we have strengths we didn’t expect to find, courage we didn’t know we had, and perhaps a whole new way of seeing ourselves.

Oct-9-2016: Currency Transformed


Rev. Meg Roberts
As Unitarians, we are comfortable talking about politics, religion, and sex. So how can we become more comfortable talking about a very important driver in our lives and culture—money? I think of money as ‘stored energy.’ How do we decide where to invest that energy to reflect what we care about so it actually changes lives? Reflecting on these things is exactly what a spiritual community can help us with.

Oct-2-2016: The Light Between Us


 Rev. Debra Thorne
We live in a diverse and beautiful world. Everyday, somewhere on the earth, it is a sacred and holy day. This week marks both the Jewish and the Islamic new year, and the Hindu festival of Navratri. How are we inspired and transformed in this time of spiritual interdependence?

Sep-25-2016: Finding our way home



Speakers: Arlette Stewart, Michael Scales, Rebecca Burns
Co-ordinated by Joan Morris

How, when we are in chaos and time of personal challenge, do we find a way back to our roots? How do we reconnect to our deeper selves? Three of our members will share stories about how they find their way back to their roots, whether it be through community, nature, theology or their inner resources.