Theology Pub/Brunch

Theology Pub becomes Theology Brunch?

No, we’re still not going ‘out’ together this summer, alas… miss you, too. But we’ve chosen a new time slot, one that you’re used to—Theology Pub will meet at 10:30 am on Sundays in July and August. Arrive via Zoom after 10:15. We welcome PJs, bedheads & brunching if you haven’t had breakfast. As you know, seating is not a problem. All come. If we have more than usual, we can divided into separate rooms for discussions.

In June we will have finished our studies of our Unitarian principles and sources. I have ten topics for consideration—more than enough for the summer. I’ll send one out each week, in time for some research if you want to do that. (Unitarians like to talk, yes?) Some of you may wish to ‘stay for church’—the trans-Canada Unitarian services, most of which will start at 1 pm.

If you’d like to join our email list, let me know at

—Franci Louann, Facilitator