Under Beacon’s “Sharing the Plate” program, one-half of the open collection taken in each Sunday service is donated to a local charity. The Sharing the Plate policy requires that the Beacon membership annually select the following year’s recipient through a vote at the Annual General Meeting in April.

Guidelines for the Sharing the Plate Charity
The charity should:
• have their principal activities in the Lower Mainland, preferably in the New Westminster/Tri-Cities area;
• be a relatively small charitable organization, one which will be positively impacted by the amount of the Sharing the Plate contribution;
• not have a formal affiliation with a religious organization or political party; and
• be willing and able to come to Beacon in September to tell us about their work, and come again in May or June to receive the accrued donations.

Use this form to nominate a charity. Completed applications are due at the end of February.

The charity Beacon is currently supporting is: Purpose Independent Secondary School Lunch Program.