Are you looking to connect with a caring community online?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are facing big changes and uncertainty – in our individual lives and in our society. Now more than ever, we can benefit from being with people of similar values that care about each other and the planet.

Beacon is an all-ages, intentionally diverse and inclusive community from New Westminster, the Tri-Cities, and other municipalities east of Vancouver. We are spiritual seeking and socially conscious people.

We invite you to explore this web site and its links to see what our community and Unitarianism has to offer you. Currently all services and clubs are taking place via the internet with Zoom.

If you find that you are curious to know more, please fill in the Beacon Connecting Form and we’ll be happy to respond to your questions, your concerns, and your interests.

We hope you’ll join us online and see what our community can offer you and your loved ones.

—Rev. Meg Roberts


Sunday, Sept. 27
10:30 am

How can we be a Healthy Interdependent Web within the Larger Web?
Rev. Meg Roberts
Just as any ecosystem has ways of operating that keep it healthy, so too does any human community. What can we learn to help us function in healthier ways within our family system, within Beacon’s, and within the larger web of existence?

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