Welcome to our joyful, creative, transforming community! Beacon is an intentionally diverse and inclusive community of spiritual seeking and socially conscious people from New Westminster, the Tri-Cities, and other municipalities east of Vancouver. We invite you to explore this web site and its links to see what our community and Unitarianism has to offer you. If you find that you are curious to know more, please join us on Sunday morning (mid-September to mid-June) or contact us if you have questions!

Sunday, September 8th
10:30 am

The Annual Water Ceremony—Beacon Belongs to You
Rev. Meg Roberts
Beacon’s program year starts again with this special service and I am lucky to be starting with you as Consulting Minister. The annual water ceremony service is for all ages: we pour water from various sources into one common bowl, symbolizing the re-gathering of this community after a summer break. If you want, identify where the water comes from (whether from a favourite place or from your tap at home), then briefly share about the spiritual significance of the water for you: How does it connect you to what you value and with the web of life? How do you connect it to this community? This is a community that belongs to you, whether you are here for the first time or for all of Beacon’s 36 years. (You can either bring water from your summer experiences or use the water we provide.) I look forward to seeing you there and creating together this ritual of belonging.

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