2021 Pledge Drive

October 2020 is Pledge Month

Our World is One World —The way we share affects us all

Now, more than ever, being part of a vibrant community, our Beacon World, is crucial to our individual health and well-being. The strength of our Beacon world supports each of us to live our principles in the greater world and to make it a more just and compassionate place.

  Why do we pledge?

Beacon is completely funded by the generous donations of our members and friends. Our pledge is a promise of what we will donate to Beacon over the following year (January to December 2021). We pledge now so the treasurer knows what income to expect in order to prepare a budget to present to the congregation in December and to use in January. We pledge to ensure that Beacon and its resources are here for us and for others now and in the future.

  What is the money used for?

Our Vision Budget reflects how your generous financial contributions support Worship, Music, Religious Exploration, programs for members and friends (e.g., Soul Matters), Community Outreach, and our connection to the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC).

  How do I pledge?

Please use our fillable 2021 Pledge Card to tell us what you plan to donate to Beacon in 2021 and how you will fulfill your pledge.

You may fulfill your pledge by:

  • Pre Authorized Debit (PAD): If you have an ongoing monthly PAD, tell us if you will be continuing this support in 2021 and any changes you wish to make. If you do not have a PAD and want to start one, please contact Admin Support for the form.
  • Cheque(s): payable to Beacon Unitarians and mailed to #414 – 552A Clarke Road, Coquitlam, BC, V3J 0A3
  • E-transfer(s): (please contact Admin Support for the email address to use)
  • Donation of securities
  • Pre-pay: A few people like to pay their pledge for the new year (2021) in one lump sum at the end of the current year (2020) for tax purposes.

Whatever way works for you, will be joyfully accommodated!

  How much should I pledge?

We place a high value on diversity in our congregation—diverse views, backgrounds, and experiences. Included in this diversity is a diversity of financial resources and responsibilities. Each of us has to make our own decisions about the right level of financial commitment to make. Your pledge is completely confidential.  Plan to contribute a percentage of your income. See examples on the Fair Share Contribution Guide, for a suggestion on what you might give.  See the Did you know Tax Guide for tax benefits of charitable giving. We urge you to give generously, as you always do.

What if my financial circumstances change during the year, if I lose my job or have a financial emergency? Lives are not static. Contact the Minister or the Treasurer (contact page) if you need to adjust your pledge.