Reverend Debra Thorne,
Consulting Minister

Rev. Thorne is a native Vancouverite, who completed her Masters of Divinity degree at Meadville-Lombard Theological School in Chicago.

marilyn_meden-180Marilyn Medén,
Lay Chaplain

Marilyn Medén, is a communicator, and believer in diversity of backgrounds and beliefs. She has conducted marriages in which rituals from various customs were included, and in venues as diverse as a large formal hall and a meadow. In planning for both weddings and memorials she offers both an extensive choice of words and encouragement to include your own. Call Marilyn at 604 469 6797 or use the form on the Contact page.

Ashley Cole,
Director of Religious Exploration

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta but have spent the better part of the past decade traveling the globe, learning from different cultures and religions, and earning a degree in International Development Studies. I moved to Vancouver two years ago and currently work for a non profit in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Before I moved out west, I served as the Director of Religious Education (DRE) at the Unitarian Church of Calgary, which was my initial introduction to the Unitarian Universalist community. Since then I have grown leaps and bounds in my understanding and appreciation of the UU principles and practices. In my time as DRE I attended various regional conferences, teacher trainings, and Liberal Religious Education Assocation (LREDA) gatherings. I was also fortunate enough to coordinate the youth programs for the 2013 Winter Elliot Camp hosted in Seabeck, Washington as well as coordinate the children’s programs of the 2013 Canadian Unitarian Council AGM hosted in Calgary, Alberta.

Judith McLean,
Lay Chaplain

Judith McLean brings to lay chaplaincy a thoughtful and engaging spirit of creativity, collaboration and contemplation. Known for building trusting, respectful relationships, and award winning curriculum in BC’s health and human service sectors, she is keen to explore a ceremonial approach to many of life’s milestones and ritual passages. Call Judith at 604 313 9955 to book an appointment to plan your next rite of passage or use the form on the Contact page.

Eden Fine Day,
Religious Education Support

Eden lives in New Westminster with her husband and her two boys. She is singer/songwriter and has been performing professionally for the last 25 years.