Beacon Resources for COVID-19

Dear members and friends,

We are a community that believes in connecting, caring, and supporting each other’s health and well-being. Below are some mental health resources that have been suggested to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the Beacon Board contact form. We will do our best to support each other through this.

Mental health resources suggested to us:

  1. “No, How Are You, Really? Acceptable answers to this suddenly complicated question,” article by May Pang:
  2. “How to be Your Best in Times of Crisis” A TED Talk by psychologist Susan David (recommended by a therapist). In a special virtual conversation, she shares wisdom on how to build resilience, courage and joy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. She offers ways to talk to your children about their emotions, keep focus during the crisis and help those working on the front lines.
  3. Kelty’s Key – a free on-line service funded by Vancouver Coastal Health www.keltyskey.comYou can tailor it for: anxiety, chronic pain, complicated grief, depression, family support, insomnia, panic, substance abuse.
  4. Little Oaks Psychology have a series of free resources they called “crisis and isolation supports” and include free 20 min consults, weekly group parenting workshops, free online therapy groups for teens & youth and more:
  5. Online Therapy, E-Therapy, or Tele-therapy however you call it has quickly gained popularity as it has become essential way for counselling to continue in this time of physical isolation. Perhaps people could search ‘therapist in my area’ to find something that works for them.
  6. Starling Minds has developed a free program in response to COVID-19 and it unpacks how what we are feeling (whatever that may be) is normal and provides a series of cognitive behaviour therapy “how to” videos.
  7. Bounceback BC a recommendation of Dr. Bonnie Henry during a recent press conference.

We know that people have different needs, and will have different experiences, so we ask you to follow what feels appropriate for you and your family. We aren’t able to guarantee the quality or experience you will have, or how quickly these agencies can respond to your needs. We do want to offer you some resources that we hope may be of use.