Jun-16-2019: Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings
Rev. Debra Thorne
Exactly seven years ago I arrived on your doorstep, an eager new minister excited to serve Beacon. That day I brought my suitcase and unpacked it, today I’ll do the reverse. With your help I will pack my suitcase with all the moments of experience and gifts that Beacon has given me. We will release the Covenant of our Ministry, and create a Covenant for the Future.

May-19-2019: Coming of Age

Coming of Age
Rev. Debra Thorne, DRE Ashley Cole
Transitioning from childhood to youth is a time of excitement and confusion. To risk new activities on our own, to question family traditions, and to begin to think for ourselves requires reflection and courage. As part of their ‘Coming of Age’ yearlong program, two of Beacon’s youth reflected on their beliefs. We’ll hear their credos today as we recognise their evolution.

May-12-2019: Staying Open to the “Other”

Staying Open to the “Other”
Nancy Rupert
As Unitarians, we value diversity, but what does this mean in practice? How can we learn to become more aware of our assumptions in order to stay open to others?

May-5-2019: Becoming Unitarian

Becoming Unitarian?
Rev. Debra Thorne
How does one become a Unitarian? There is no creed we all agree to believe and not everyone likes coffee! There are principles that most people think are pretty fine.

Apr-14-2019: Fry Creek Wilderness Camp

The Fry Creek Wilderness Camp of the North West Wilderness Society of the Unitarian Church
Guest Speaker: John Doyle
A beautiful campground (boat access only) awaits you at the base of the Purcells on majestic Kootenay Lake. There is no electricity, no running water and artfully created pit toilets. Unitarians and other like minded families have been enjoying “Camp” since 1966.
John Doyle is the current Camp Director of the Fry Creek Wilderness Camp. His family has been going to Camp every summer since 2000 to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Kootenays.

Apr-7-2019: Growing Whole

Rev. Debra Thorne
Growing whole is a lifelong project. Individuation is the lesson. Jungian James Hollis says, “While revering the mystery of others, our individuation summons each of us to stand in the presence of our own mystery, and become more fully responsible for who we are in this journey we call our life.”


Allegra Sloman
Using the wisdom research of Dilip Jeste as a starting point, writer and entertainer Allegra Sloman will tell you that you’re free to be wise, examine both the appearance and source of wisdom, and consider what wisdom might best be applied to.


Karl Perrin
Describing Unitarian religion often focuses on what it isn’t. For me, what makes us religious is our gentle encouragement of a variety of collective and personal “spiritual” practices, broadly conceived. I’ll describe some of mine, and how I grew into them. Perhaps our paths will cross.
Karl Perrin is a life long Unitarian. He learned activism at Sunday school in Detroit, and has been an environmental activist since 1993. Currently he is helping to stop the second dilbit pipeline to Burnaby. In 2012, he wrote an anti-pipeline divestment resolution passed by a wide majority at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

Mar-10-2019: Is Freedom only Fantasy?

Rev. Debra Thorne
Are we truly free or are we stuck in a reality TV show, like the dystopian series Hunger Games where everything is a manipulation? Can we be sure if we really have the freedom of choice? Living in Canada today with our rule of law, and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in relative peace and safety, are there any freedoms we would fight for, or die for?

Mar-3-2019: The Privilege of Freedom

Rev. Debra Thorne
It’s been 102 years since women were able to vote and hold office in British Columbia. This year five and half million women in the Indian state of Kerala stood along the road, hand in hand for the freedom to enter a holy temple. Last month three young women who went to fight for ISIS now want to return to Canada. In the week of International Woman’s Day let us take stock of freedoms won and the shifting sands of responsibility that comes with freedom.