Jan-27-2019: Staying Embodied through Times of Physical Change

Guest Speaker: Sarah Louise Turner
Our bodies both connect us to and give us information about the world around us. How do we learn to heed the spiritual messages that our bodies are telling us and how do we find spiritual equilibrium when, due to illness or pain, those messages aren’t trustworthy? Join actress and educator, Sarah Louise Turner, to contemplate the connection between embodiment and spiritual wisdom in an ever-changing body.

Jan-20-2019: We Have Come to be Danced

Guest Speaker: Sheila Langston
This body. Your body. Your particular body. All that this body has lived through, endured, loved—every breath, every beat of the heart—is a dance. We will listen together to what our bodies have to say, and allow each to expand, to speak, to express itself through movement and music. From wheelchairs, from standing, from sitting in a chair—all bodies are welcome.
Sheila is a Jungian Analyst, Body-Voice Specialist and International BodySoul facilitator. Sheila’s Website: www.sheilalangston.com

Jan-13-2019: Everything I Know

Rev. Debra Thorne
When I turned 60 I decided to write a book about everything I know. The book is slow in coming but the meditation on what I know has been fruitful. The premise is that life experience is a great university of the soul and everything that happens to us is a lesson. The first lesson is ‘living in a body’.

Jan-06-2019: This Fire is Love

Rev. Debra Thorne
We begin the new year with our annual Fire Communion. This service is for the whole family and asks ‘what do you want to bring into the world this year?’ We will sing, dance, drum and share stories about creating a world that we want to live in: a world of justice and joy, a world of truth and creativity.

Dec-23-2018: A Blue Christmas

Rev. Debra Thorne
When delight goes out of the world and one’s heart is heavy… when the seasonal pressures drain the pleasure from your days… when your own life doesn’t mesh with the frenzy of consumerism… when good cheer seems distant—these are the times we need each other and the permission to be ourselves, however we are. Let us sing and be real.

Dec-02-2018: Resistance Never Ends

Resistance Never Ends
Guest Speaker: Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan
The celebration of Chanukah provides an annual reminder of the journey from oppression through war to freedom. This struggle towards freedom is continuously replayed within the Jewish faith and resonates with the Jewish experience today. Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan will be leading us in song and story and helping us to unpack the deeper meanings of Chanukah.

Nov-25-2018: Rebel with a Cause

Marilyn Medén and Heather Brown

What makes some people able to think outside the box? Marilyn Medén and Heather Brown will explore what makes a creative thinker, and then give each of you a chance to have fun and stretch your thinking. They’ll ask: What allowed famous inventers and changemakers like Edison and Darwin to create new ways of seeing and understanding the world? How are people such as John Stuart Mills and Elon Musk able to branch out from accepted norms or ways of thinking, and how can we apply that thinking in our our lives, in small ways, and even in larger ones, such as combating climate change?

Nov-18-2018: The Ecstasy of Art

Rev. Debra Thorne
There is a map-able process of creativity that includes moments of agony and moments of ecstasy. It’s a wild ride to an unknown destination. How does art touch our lives? How are our lives works of art?

Nov-11-2018: Spark of Creativity

Rev. Debra Thorne
The universe began with a spark or a bang or a cloud of chaos! The universe has never stopped being creative, and our lives are nothing but the continuous unfolding of that original creative moment. How do human beings keep up with the creative universe?

Nov-04-2018: The Stories of our Lives

Service Co-ordinator: Phil Campbell
People probably started telling stories as soon as humans started speaking. Stories provided a way of passing on skills learned and the history of the tribe. Everyone has a story to tell. The stories of our lives are so much more than a biography. In this service we will look at how and why stories are important. There is a library of stories within each one of us. Some brave members of the congregation will share stories about themselves that will help to tell us how they became who they are today.