Online Beacon Film Club

The intention for this group is to replace a fun night out at the theatre while we’re all cooped up at home. Similar to the book club, the procedure is to view the film in advance, and then come to a Zoom meeting to chat about it.

The films selected are all available from YouTube for a rental fee (free up to $6.99). They may also be available for streaming from other internet sources, so if you have a subscription to a streaming service, do check there first. To rent a film from YouTube, just search for the title in YouTube and look for the video that has a blue “Buy or Rent” box next to it.

We will meet to talk about the film at 7 pm on Friday evenings via Zoom. Please email Marilyn Medén (check your hard copy of the directory) for Zoom meeting details.

Film Line-up for January

January 8: Chocolat [2000 located in France, with Johnny Depp], introduced by Marilyn Medén
January 15: Goldfinger, introduced by John Hagen
January 22: Freida, introduced by Donna Webb
January 29: Manchester By The Sea, introduced by Franci Louann