Dear Beacon members and friends,

On Sundays, we will be connecting online for our 10:30 am Sunday service.

We will be using the online platform, Zoom. Press the buttons below for a sheet with Zoom orientation information about how to download and use Zoom, as well as how to join using your phone. At the right (or below depending on your internet device), in a shaded box, is the Zoom link as well as the B.C. phone number to use and the Meeting ID number for our Sunday services.

We will be offering a general zoom orientations in the coming weeks. Information will be sent out via the Beacon This Week email and also posted on this website.

We want to continue to connect, inspire and transform. The methods may be different but the intentions are the same.

During this time of transition, there are bound to be some glitches and some challenges, so let’s practice patience, understanding and compassion with each other and ourselves. We’ll get better as we practice this together.

Rev. Meg Roberts

Zoom link for all Sunday services, 10:30 am (meetings open at 10 am):

Meeting ID: 525 609 578

Or phone in using 778-907-2071 (B.C.)
Enter the Meeting ID number: 525 609 578
If you are connecting from another province or country via phone, find your local number (otherwise long distance charges will apply):