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Mar-8-2020: Listening to the Wisdom Within

  Rev. Meg Roberts We reflect on the wisdom that guides our lives—those sources that sustain us, the people in our lives, the wisdom from our bodies and from the earth (the mother who sustains us all). It takes courage in our world to follow the wisdom we cultivate within, so let us support one […]

Mar-1-2020: Loving Someone with Mental Illness

Guest speaker: Lynne Bonner From depression to borderline personality disorder, mental illness is often stigmatized in our culture. In this service, Lynne Bonner, First Unitarian Church of Victoria Worship Associate, presents a personal story to shed light on the experience of loving someone who struggles with mental illness, and presents some lessons learned—insights that apply […]

Feb-16-2020: Facing Shadow, Cultivating Hope

Rev. Meg Roberts As we face the shadows in ourselves and in our world, how do we face the painful feelings, including despair, and cultivate hope? I’d like to share some things I’ve learned from my own life as well as from the teachings of Buddhist Joanna Macy.