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Oct-29-2017: Generous Spirit

Generous Spirit Rev. Debra Thorne Every religion upholds the practice of giving as a spiritual act. Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed all offered teachings on giving as a spiritual practice. What do we as North Americans understand about the spiritual depth of giving? There are many different world views on giving—some that we are familiar with […]

Sep-17-2017: Belonging Begins Here

Rev. Debra Thorne When our home is unsafe, when our country is unsafe, when our bodies are unsafe, who do we turn to and how do we find a place to belong? Canada is filled with amazing people who have made brave choices in desperate times and who have found a safe harbour in Canada. […]

Apr-30-2017: Compassion in Troubling Times

Compassion in Troubling Times Guest Speaker: Heather Talbot Service Coordinators: Nancy Rupert and Janet Pivnick Recent world events have left Unitarians feeling a sense of despair and seeking ways to support and catalyze change. Yet some may wonder how to participate in social justice without burning out or giving in to despair. Join us this […]


Compassion in the workplace Brigit Atkinson, Sita Sahasrabudhe and David Jordan Service coordinator: Joan Morris With the theme of compassion this month, three Beaconites will explore their experience of compassion working in the caring professions. Brigit Atkinson, a registered clinical counsellor and trauma therapist; Sita Sahasrabudhe, a support worker; and David Jordan, a wheelchair technician, […]

Apr-9-2017: Compassion: Our Interrelated Lives

Compassion: Our Interrelated Lives Sarah Hong, Susan Millar, Janet Pivnick and Marilyn Medén Beacon writers Sarah Hong, Susan Millar, Janet Pivnick and Marilyn Medén will go deeply into their own and others’ experience of compassion, to give us food for thought and action.