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Apr-1-2018: A Holy Foolishness

Rev. Debra Thorne Hee-hee-hee! Did you hear the one about the Unitarian? The world of humour has a pointed wisdom, and jokes about Unitarians are no exception. What do jokes tell us about who we are? What humour delights and what humour offends? Let’s try a little ‘laughing yoga’ with our chocolate bunnies this Easter […]

Mar-25-2018: Beyond the Pail: Finding Meaning in the Here and Now

Guest Speaker: Valentin Schaefer Service Coordinator: Janet Pivnick The creation of a bucket list encourages people to seek the extraordinary with expensive trips and adventures. Contemplating retirement, Val Schaefer, an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, is choosing to think “beyond the pail”. Expanding mindfulness to find the extraordinary in the […]

Feb-11-2018: Beacon Retrospective

Rev. Debra Thorne and Beacon Members Today we celebrate Beacon’s 35th Anniversary by remembering Beacon iniatives that changed lives across the world and across the years. Stories from a transformational experience in the youth group; to the Bed and Breakfast program that started the Building Fund; from the homelessness initiative that started the POCO Food […]

Feb-4-2018: As Individuals in an Interrelated World

As Individuals in an Interrelated World Lay Chaplain: Marilyn Medén Marilyn Medén looks to the future: The end of war? An interrelated world? Sure. Let’s start with ourselves. Try things out. Practise peace. Let peace begin with us! “When people act for selfless ends, there is vast augmentation of their individual capacities. Something wonderful, something […]

Jan-28-2018: A Quiet Risk: Living an Undivided Life

Special Guests: Kimiko Karpoff and Rachel Yordy Service Leader: Janet Pivnick Showing up as ourselves, daring to live authentically, aligning our public selves with our inner life are risks that the soul takes moment by moment, without fanfare or notice. Circle of Trust approaches, based on the work of Parker Palmer, provide an opportunity to […]