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Oct-27-2109: A Jolt of Currency

Rev. Meg Roberts When we work, we get paid for expending our energy. Money becomes, in some ways, a storehouse of energy. How do we make decisions about where to infuse that energy, both in our personal lives and in our Beacon community? This Sunday kicks off Beacon’s annual pledge drive. This year’s theme is […]

Oct-20-2019: The Selfish Act of Giving

Guest Speaker: Comedian Ryan Guenther Charity and volunteering are almost always framed as altruistic actions, with all the focus on how someone else will benefit from our good deed. In fact, we often feel guilty about deriving pleasure from something which is supposed to be selfless. This is completely backwards, doing good should feel good […]

Sep-29-2019: How can I belong when what I believe isn’t what you believe?

Rev. Meg Roberts As Unitarians, one of the principles we affirm is “acceptance of one another, and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.” How do we do this when we each draw from different sources for our inspiration? How can we relate to one another when there are such differences? I’ll propose some ideas […]