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Nov-25-2018: Rebel with a Cause

Marilyn Medén and Heather Brown What makes some people able to think outside the box? Marilyn Medén and Heather Brown will explore what makes a creative thinker, and then give each of you a chance to have fun and stretch your thinking. They’ll ask: What allowed famous inventers and changemakers like Edison and Darwin to […]

Nov-18-2018: The Ecstasy of Art

Rev. Debra Thorne There is a map-able process of creativity that includes moments of agony and moments of ecstasy. It’s a wild ride to an unknown destination. How does art touch our lives? How are our lives works of art?

Nov-11-2018: Spark of Creativity

Rev. Debra Thorne The universe began with a spark or a bang or a cloud of chaos! The universe has never stopped being creative, and our lives are nothing but the continuous unfolding of that original creative moment. How do human beings keep up with the creative universe?

Nov-04-2018: The Stories of our Lives

Service Co-ordinator: Phil Campbell People probably started telling stories as soon as humans started speaking. Stories provided a way of passing on skills learned and the history of the tribe. Everyone has a story to tell. The stories of our lives are so much more than a biography. In this service we will look at […]

Oct-28-2018: We Carry the Flame

Rev. Debra Thorne Our chalice flame burns as a symbol of the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and as a symbol of religious freedom and social justice. Although the flame itself is weightless, it takes strength and courage to carry it. Beaconites carry the flame by supporting the ideals of compassion and respect, […]

Oct-14-2018: Fishing Tips

Rev. Debra Thorne, Ashley Cole If you always fish in the same place and in the same way and get no fish what kind of fisher are you? Maybe it’s time to try something new, like the other side of the boat, or new tackle? This first Pledge Sunday we figure out how to fill […]

Oct-7-2018: Spiritual Maturity

Rev. Debra Thorne The beliefs we held as children often change as we grow and gain life experience—or they will if we remain engaged. Spiritual growth means we are intentionally testing and refining what we know of life, meaning and reality. When did you last check if your beliefs were current?