Mar-8-2020: Listening to the Wisdom Within


Rev. Meg Roberts
We reflect on the wisdom that guides our lives—those sources that sustain us, the people in our lives, the wisdom from our bodies and from the earth (the mother who sustains us all). It takes courage in our world to follow the wisdom we cultivate within, so let us support one another along that path. Special thanks to the Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association for the resources they offer us for this service, as we join congregations across Canada celebrating International Women’s Day.

Mar-1-2020: Loving Someone with Mental Illness

Guest speaker: Lynne Bonner
From depression to borderline personality disorder, mental illness is often stigmatized in our culture. In this service, Lynne Bonner, First Unitarian Church of Victoria Worship Associate, presents a personal story to shed light on the experience of loving someone who struggles with mental illness, and presents some lessons learned—insights that apply to human relationships in general, as well as relationships affected by mental illness. The service includes a simple ritual that gives all present the option to honour ourselves and our loved ones. In addition, a skilled listening ear will be available throughout and after the service if difficult feelings come up for any of us, or if you wish to find community resources for further support.

Feb-16-2020: Facing Shadow, Cultivating Hope

Rev. Meg Roberts
As we face the shadows in ourselves and in our world, how do we face the painful feelings, including despair, and cultivate hope? I’d like to share some things I’ve learned from my own life as well as from the teachings of Buddhist Joanna Macy.

Feb-9-2020: Stories of Our Elders

Rev. Meg Roberts
Beacon’s 37th Anniversary is on February 6th. Today is a chance to hear stories from our elders as well as share special moments of what makes Beacon a special community in our lives—with both its shadows and its light! To celebrate this anniversary, we’ll have a new member ceremony, and a soup lunch after the service.

Jan-26-2020: We Need Not Think Alike To Love Alike

Rev. Meg Roberts
The title of this service is inspired by words of Francis David, Transylvanian minister, in one of the first Unitarian movements in the world, in 16th century Europe. Come and hear why he crossed over the threshold from one set of beliefs into another and, by doing so, became a heretic. Why does freedom of religion, the use of reason in religion, and the need for compassion, come out as the gold of Unitarianism? We’ll consider how our Unitarian ancestor’s life is relevant for us today at Beacon as we learn from each other’s beliefs, ideas and lives.

Jan-19-2020: What is a family?

With Sue Sparlin, Beacon member and Lay Chaplain
In her role as Lay Chaplain, Sue has been asked to perform a ceremony of union for a polyamorous family: two identified woman and one identified man. This made her question our Beacon definitions of family. What wording do our administrative forms use? Do they say “mom” and “dad” or “parent one” and “parent two”? What about “parent three”? What about families where there are no children at all. What makes someone you know “family” instead of “good friend”? Sue will share what she discovered and open a conversation about how this might affect our congregational life.

Jan-12-2020: The Thresholds of Spiritual Life

Rev. Meg Roberts
Humans go through various stages of life: infant, child, youth, young adult, adult, mature adult, and older adult. How does spiritual growth arise from or influence these life stages? As adults, how can we cross these thresholds in a mindful way?

Dec-24-2019: Each Night a Child is Born is a Holy Night

Rev. Meg Roberts
We celebrate all births and remember one in particular this evening. With inspiring stories and music of the season, we remember why these new beginnings are such a holy time. Bring friends and family to this service as well as anyone else who might like to be in a community on this holiday eve. We will gather in peace and love. Please also bring cookies to share after our service!

Dec-22-2019: The Gift of Darkness

Service Leaders: Worship Services Committee
As we awake from the longest night of the year, the Worship Services Committee invites you to consider the gifts of darkness. As a society, we seek the light and fear the darkness—both literally and metaphorically. In so doing, imbalances can be created on a personal, societal and planetary level. Let’s explore together what can be gained by entering the darkness and embracing its gifts.

Nov-24-2019: Being Open to Joy

Rev. Meg Roberts
In the midst of the suffering and anxiety of our lives, our dear ones, and our world, it can be very challenging to be open to joy. Joy can happen spontaneously in unexpected moments as well as through philosophical and spiritual practices. What brings you joy? What are you open to experiencing today?