Nov-17-2019: Dreaming a Future Together

Guest Speaker: Joan Carolyn, CUC Congregational Life Team Lead
As Beacon celebrates a new shared ministry relationship, Joan Carolyn invites us to a morning honoring who we are and where we might go. Imagine an enjoyable time, sitting well around a fire, like a hearth, openly sharing hospitality. As we gaze into the fire, what images of love and care experienced at Beacon come to mind? Where might we want to improve or move in some new directions? How do we remain open to other ways of knowing, seeing and experience? If we can learn to live well with the fires of relationship, we will grow to places beyond our dreams.

Nov-10-2019: Deepening Community Roots, Freeing Vision’s Wings

Rev. Meg Roberts
I had the privilege of meeting with five small groups of Beaconites to get a sense of what makes this Beacon community so important to them. I also heard inspiring ideas for giving Beacon’s vision—Connect, Inspire, Transform—wings. I want to share some of what I’ve been learning as well as some ideas of my own. I look forward to hearing your ideas as well. On this Sunday closest to Remembrance Day, we’ll hold a minute of silence to remember those who have died (Armed Forces and civilians) as well as others affected by wars. May we remember, and work towards a more peaceful and just world.

Nov-3-2019: Holy as Mud

Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove
The work of the church can be messy but it is powerfully meaningful and important. Our guest preacher, the Rev. Dr. Barbara Wells ten Hove, who has been a UU minister for 35 years, will share her thoughts on how congregational life empowers us to build a better world.

Oct-27-2019: A Jolt of Currency

Rev. Meg Roberts

When we work, we get paid for expending our energy. Money becomes, in some ways, a storehouse of energy. How do we make decisions about where to infuse that energy, both in our personal lives and in our Beacon community? This Sunday kicks off Beacon’s annual pledge drive. This year’s theme is “Roots hold us close, wings set us free.” How can our Unitarian values be our roots, grounding us in making decisions about where to invest that storehouse of energy? Then our dreams can take flight!

Oct-20-2019: The Selfish Act of Giving

Guest Speaker: Comedian Ryan Guenther
Charity and volunteering are almost always framed as altruistic actions, with all the focus on how someone else will benefit from our good deed. In fact, we often feel guilty about deriving pleasure from something which is supposed to be selfless. This is completely backwards, doing good should feel good because it’s good, and it’s okay to admit it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but a stairway to heaven can be built from selfish acts.
Ryan Guenther grew up in a log cabin on an island near Prince Rupert. He started attending the Unitarian church at age 10 when his family moved to Victoria, and he’s sung in the choir, edited the newsletter, managed the website, and is currently serving as a Sunday Service Associate and on the Board at North Shore Unitarian Church in Vancouver. He started doing stand up comedy in 2010 and has performed at clubs and festivals from Prince George to Orlando, Florida.

Sep-29-2019: How can I belong when what I believe isn’t what you believe?

Rev. Meg Roberts
As Unitarians, one of the principles we affirm is “acceptance of one another, and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.” How do we do this when we each draw from different sources for our inspiration? How can we relate to one another when there are such differences? I’ll propose some ideas and methods that may help, and I look forward to hearing what works for you.

Jun-16-2019: Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings
Rev. Debra Thorne
Exactly seven years ago I arrived on your doorstep, an eager new minister excited to serve Beacon. That day I brought my suitcase and unpacked it, today I’ll do the reverse. With your help I will pack my suitcase with all the moments of experience and gifts that Beacon has given me. We will release the Covenant of our Ministry, and create a Covenant for the Future.

May-19-2019: Coming of Age

Coming of Age
Rev. Debra Thorne, DRE Ashley Cole
Transitioning from childhood to youth is a time of excitement and confusion. To risk new activities on our own, to question family traditions, and to begin to think for ourselves requires reflection and courage. As part of their ‘Coming of Age’ yearlong program, two of Beacon’s youth reflected on their beliefs. We’ll hear their credos today as we recognise their evolution.

May-12-2019: Staying Open to the “Other”

Staying Open to the “Other”
Nancy Rupert
As Unitarians, we value diversity, but what does this mean in practice? How can we learn to become more aware of our assumptions in order to stay open to others?

May-5-2019: Becoming Unitarian

Becoming Unitarian?
Rev. Debra Thorne
How does one become a Unitarian? There is no creed we all agree to believe and not everyone likes coffee! There are principles that most people think are pretty fine.