Feb-25-2018: Put a Little Love in Your Heart: Giving and Receiving at Burning Man

Amber Strocel, Jeff Young

What does it mean to truly give a gift, and what does it mean to truly receive a gift? One Beaconite explores gifting through the lens of Burning Man, an intentional arts community created for one week each summer in the Nevada desert. Expect music, pictures, and big questions.
Amber Strocel has been active at Beacon since 2001. In that time she switched careers twice, had two children, and discovered a love of skiing and playing guitar. She is now a teacher and loves working with children. This past summer she attended Burning Man for the first time, and developed some new perspectives on what it means to really give and receive a gift.
Jeff Young is an entertainment lawyer and music producer who lives in the Vancouver area with his wife Doris. He also teaches at a number of post-secondary institutions, and is the proud father of an adult daughter. He is a three time “burner”, having attended Burning Man in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In his free time he enjoys skiing and composing music.