Apr-3-2016: I am an imPerfectionist: A Unitarian Confession


Rev. Debra Thorne

The fault, the blemish, the crack, the imperfect is part of nature and human experience. To think otherwise would be irrational. Yet we are irrational beings and need processes to release the pressures of shame and guilt: a challenge for Unitarians. Confession is good for the soul.

Mar-27-2016: Transformation Survival


Sita Sahasrabudhe, Susan White and Sue Sparlin
Service Coordinator: Joan Morris

Three Beaconites will share personal stories of events that turned their lives around. Big changes in one’s life can result in a major shift in perspective, or a whole new lifestyle. Retirement, major moves, or illness affect all of us in major ways. Come and hear how these individuals’ lives have been affected by major life changes.

Mar-20-2016: Resurrection Again!


Rev. Debra Thorne and Casey Thorne-Stainsby

The first day of Spring unleashes winter’s buried energy—flowers bloom, sap runs, desire for the renewal of life returns with glee. How wonderful is our interconnectedness with all the forces of nature. How intricate are the many religious responses to this annual renewal of earth energy.

Mar-6-2016: Strangers in a New Land


Rev. Debra Thorne

The Syrian refugee family sponsored by Beacon Unitarian Congregation is about to arrive. Imagine being a stranger in a new land where every smell and taste and smiling face is unfamiliar. How do we minimize our assumptions and our expectations? How do we maximize our cultural awareness?

Feb-21-2016: When the Water Runs Clear


Aline LaFlamme

Reconciliation is justice. It is a profound tradition within Aboriginal culture rooted in ‘right relationship’. Without right relations there would be no community. When relationships are broken because of hurtful or thoughtless action, reconciliation transforms them and community is restored.

Feb-14-2016: Feeding the Phoenix


Marilyn Medén and Friends
How do we rise above “we/they” and move into just plain “We”? If our private lives are a microcosm of the larger picture, the nation, the world—what guidelines can we use? Can we really “be the change we want to see”? Friends from our congregation will explore the possibilities.

Feb-7-2016: Sharing Our Faith: A Year of Reconciliation


Rev. Debra Thorne
It is an auspicious time in Canada, an opportunity to heal historical and present day wrongs through knowledge and spiritual commitment. This opportunity for reconciliation is being shared by Unitarians across Canada as part of our commitment to Indigenous people through the Truth and Reconciliation process.

Jan-24-2016 & Jan-31-2016

Due to technical difficulties these sermons will be posted at a later date.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jan-17-2016: To play’s the thing…


Don Hauka

Playing: kid’s stuff. Waste of time—not enough time. Life’s too busy. “Play” isn’t taken seriously, even in the dictionary: “Play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.” But you can achieve a lot just by horsing around and not being afraid to have fun. Don Hauka leads you on a journey of discovery of the power of play in a creative process peppered with epiphanies. Join us on January 17 and have your game-face on!

Jan-10-2016: Playing with Art, and Life


Rev. Katie Stein Sather

When I retired from the Unitarian ministry and started art quilting, I was immediately struck by the details of my creative process, and how moving from words to art was both similar and different. I realized that creativity and play—and the risk-taking necessary to be creative—leads to a more satisfying life.