Sep-18-2016: Deep-rooted Tradition


Rev. Debra Thorne and the Beacon Choir
If you ever thought being a Unitarian was easy because you can ‘believe anything’, think again! Unitarian theological roots have been growing for close to five hundred years. Ours is a deep-rooted tradition of liberal ideals—ideals of diversity and inclusiveness, of interdependence and the free will to seek and chose a faith that is true to oneself.

Sep-11-2016: In Gathering Service and Water Communion


Rev. Debra Thorne
It’s time to gather again as community after a summer of gardening and travel, visitors and solo journeys. Please bring a sample of water that represents your summer and be prepared to share what water means to you: spiritually, socially and environmentally.

May-29-2016: Engaging in Life’s Planned & Serendipitous Moments!


Joan Carolyn, CUC Congregational Development staff for BC and Western Regions

What does it mean to engage well with life? With a commitment to give concrete expression to what we value, be prepared to act. And then with humility and eyes wide open, be prepared to engage life—from the well-planned event to the ever surprising serendipitous opportunities—continually open to inspiration and re-creation.

See pdf of this sermon.

Jun-6-2016: Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, there will be no further sound recordings posted for the month of May. Sorry for the inconvenience. Text versions of the May sermons may be available at a later date.

May-8-2016: Continuous Revelation


Rev. Debra Thorne

Some religions look to books for revelation, some look to prophets, some to stones, and some to numbers. How do these experiences and methods of revelation compare across the religious landscape? How does the Unitarian understanding of revelation distinguish itself and support your being in this world?

Apr-24-2016: The Real Cause of Addiction


Rev. Amanda Aikman

What if everything we have been told about addiction is wrong? What if the real cause of addiction is very different, and simpler, from what we have come to believe?

Apr-17-2016: The Importance of Imperfection


Lam Wong

Realistically, we always begin with imperfection. From ourselves to the world, from art to philosophy. Everything begins with the essential recognition, and acceptance of imperfection. Lam Wong, Buddhist, Eastern scholar, and artist will engage us with The Importance of Imperfection. Upstairs, after the service, you are invited to participate in a tea ceremony.

Apr-10-2016: Do it Anyway!



Rev. Debra Thorne

If we look into the historical roots of the first world problem of perfection, we’ll see that by putting so much focus on our selves, and striving to be something more than we are, we trap our ability to change the real wrongs in the world.

Apr-3-2016: I am an imPerfectionist: A Unitarian Confession


Rev. Debra Thorne

The fault, the blemish, the crack, the imperfect is part of nature and human experience. To think otherwise would be irrational. Yet we are irrational beings and need processes to release the pressures of shame and guilt: a challenge for Unitarians. Confession is good for the soul.

Mar-27-2016: Transformation Survival


Sita Sahasrabudhe, Susan White and Sue Sparlin
Service Coordinator: Joan Morris

Three Beaconites will share personal stories of events that turned their lives around. Big changes in one’s life can result in a major shift in perspective, or a whole new lifestyle. Retirement, major moves, or illness affect all of us in major ways. Come and hear how these individuals’ lives have been affected by major life changes.