Religious Exploration Program for Children & Youth

June 30, 2020

Hello everyone,

Well we have come to the end of our scheduled church year. And what a year it has been indeed! We have proven our community is strong and committed to continuing, even through a pandemic! I hope this short break allows you to reconnect with other people in your life and settle into the more restorative days of summer. Feel the warmth on your skin, have a cold drink on your patio, have a picnic in the park. What ever it is that restores you. I look forward to hearing all about your summer adventures in the fall during our in-gathering water ceremony.

Although we will officially be on break through to August 15th there is still plenty to get involved in over the summer! To showcase some of those activities, I have dedicated this edition of the quarantine care kit to sharing some of those events with you.

And as always, even through the summer, if you’d like to reach out to our Pastoral Support Team, email them at (Judy Villett, Laura Redmond).

Wishing you all a rest filled and restorative summer.
Ashley Cole, DRE

Summer Resources:

Although these are not try-at-home experiments, the backyard scientist youtube channel is super cool and interesting to watch. Check it out here:

Social Media
The Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) has a youtube channel with plenty of previous services and conference gatherings. You can also watch CUC livestreams, such as the upcoming Sunday services (more info on those in the Voices of UU section) when they are happening.

Meditation & Reflection
Consider participating in the Church of the Larger Fellowship over the summer

They have a plethora of resources, including video homilies found here:

And a whole UU prayer section found here:
So much goodness in one place!

Voices of Unitarian Universalists
Travel across the country this summer without ever leaving home. This summer, nine different congregations or groups are hosting special Sunday Summer Services and inviting all UUs to attend. This series builds on the phenomenal success of our Cross Country Service hosted by Halifax in May, with over 1,000 attendees. Each group or congregation will host services with a different theme and welcomes all UUs and friends. Consider joining them all to get the flavour of UU congregations across the country. Find out more here:

Some of Beacon’s small groups are still planning to gather over the summer. For more details check out the summer edition of the newsletter here:

Welcome Families!

Beacon recognizes the vital contribution families make to a healthy congregation and we strive to provide a fun, welcoming and safe environment to do so. If you are new to Beacon, here are a few things we thought you might like to know.

  • If your child(ren) remains with you in the service, there are quiet-activity supplies available if needed—check with the greeters.
  • If you would like care for children aged five and under, there is a supervised nursery to the left of the stage.
  • During the ‘story for all ages,’ all children are invited (but not required) to sit as a group at the front, for the duration of the story.
  • Immediately following the story, children aged five and up are invited to join us downstairs for multi-aged programming, see below.
  • Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany their children at any time.

What will young people learn about in Religious Exploration?

Beacon offers children and youth a spiritual and ethical foundation that we hope will support your family’s parenting goals. Our programs aim to give young people the knowledge and experience to help them develop their own strong values, enhance their self-esteem, and discover their own spiritual identities.

The two Sunday morning programs Beacon is currently offering are:

The younger group is going to explore a curriculum called Passport to Spirituality. Drawing from our UU sources, children will travel the world, visiting different countries while learning about various religions and spiritual practices. At each country visited they will receive passport sticker, reflecting their learning.

The older group will explore a curriculum called Heeding the Call focused on social justice. This program explores linked oppressions that occur in our society, but also encourages participants towards personal growth and action. Workshops on empathy, courage, abundance, joy, and other qualities ask participants to recognize how these standards can be tools for justice.

We provide participants with a sacred space in which to explore religious questions and stories.

We give them guidance in their search for their own answers to life’s big questions:
•    Where do we come from?
•    What are we?
•    Where are we going?
•    Does God exist?
•    How can I tell right from wrong?
•    What is truth?
•    How am I connected with everyone and everything else?
•    How do my actions impact the world around me?
•    What should I do with my own life?
•    Do I have a soul?
•    What do other religious traditions teach about life?

Unitarian Principles
Children’s Rainbow Version

1. Respect all people (Red Promise)
2. Offer kind and fair treatment to all (Orange Promise)
3. Yearn to accept and learn about ourselves and others (Yellow Promise)
4. Grow by exploring what is true and right (Green Promise)
5. Believe in our ideas and act on them (Blue Promise)
6. Insist on freedom, justice, and peace for all people (Indigo Promise)
7. Value our home, Earth, that we share with all living beings (Violet Promise)

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