Religious Exploration Program for Children

You and your child(ren) are welcome here. We provide participants with a sacred space in which to explore religious questions and stories.

We give them guidance in their search for their own answers to life’s big questions:
•    Where do we come from?
•    What are we?
•    Where are we going?
•    Does God exist?
•    How can I tell right from wrong?
•    What is truth?
•    How am I connected with everyone and everything else?
•    How do my actions impact the world around me?
•    What should I do with my own life?
•    Do I have a soul?
•    What do other religious traditions teach about life?

How do we do it?
We begin our time together sharing our joys and sorrows. After this ritual coming together and sharing our thoughts and positive energy we explore Unitarian principles (see below) and how we can live them in our own lives. We do this in two age-based classes.

Children’s Community (4–7 year olds)
We use a hands-on religious exploration curriculum of games, stories and crafts to help the children explore big questions. We share a snack every week, and finish with a closing song.

Seekers (8–12 years)
This program investigates life’s big questions in a fun and playful way. We use the seven Unitarian principles as guidance, allowing children to form their own thoughts and ideas within this framework.

What will your child learn about?
•    Mystery and wonder
•    Scientific and mythic creation stories
•    Nature and our place in it
•    Unitarian history, symbols, and heroes
•    The world’s great religions, and their holy days
•    Rites of passage
•    Social responsibility
•    Belonging to a community

Beacon offers your children a spiritual and ethical foundation that we hope will support your family’s parenting goals. Our program strives to give children the knowledge and experience to help them develop their own strong values, enhance their self-esteem, and discover their own spiritual identities.

Unitarian Principles
Children’s Rainbow Version

1. Respect all people (Red Promise)
2. Offer kind and fair treatment to all (Orange Promise)
3. Yearn to accept and learn about ourselves and others (Yellow Promise)
4. Grow by exploring what is true and right (Green Promise)
5. Believe in our ideas and act on them (Blue Promise)
6. Insist on freedom, justice, and peace for all people (Indigo Promise)
7. Value our home, Earth, that we share with all living beings (Violet Promise)

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