November is Pledge Month

Stewardship is being the grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from the Universe. It is the tradition of giving back with love to that which is worthy of our time and hearts. Classically known as tithing, or in our case, pledging, stewardship is giving back to sustain the community that nourishes your spirit and your soul.

Why do we pledge? This church belongs to each of us. We pledge to fund the daily operations and to ensure that the church and its resources are here for us and for others now and in the future.

What is the money used for? Your pledge supports our worship and music programs, our religious exploration program, programs for members and friends, community outreach, and our connection to the CUC. Our budget reflects our mission and vision.

Should everyone pledge the same amount? We place a high value on diversity in our congregation—diverse views, backgrounds, and experiences. Included in this diversity is a diversity of economic circumstances. All of us support our church at individual financial levels.

How much should I pledge? Plan to contribute a percentage of your annual income. See examples on the “Fair Share Contribution Guide”, which will be included in your pledge package, for a suggestion on what you might give.

What about the money I put in the collection plate? Some people use the Sunday offering to make their pledge payments. As long as the offering can be associated with you, e.g. your personal cheque, whatever you put in the offering will be counted toward your pledge.

What if my financial circumstances change during the year, if I lose my job or have a financial emergency? Lives are not static. Contact the Minister or the Treasurer if you need to adjust your pledge.

Beacon 2020 Pledge Drive Documents

Pledge 2020 Information

2020 Donor Letter

2020 Missional Budget

2020 Pledge Card Single


Additional Pledge Resources:

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement

Unitarian Contribution Guide

Did you know?


Other Ways to Financially Support Beacon:

Transfer of Investments Form

Legacy Giving

Donating Investments


If you would like to pledge via email, all you need to do is fill out the Pledge card and email it to Beacon’s treasurer.

If you would like to pledge by mail, fill out the Pledge card, attach your post dated cheques or PAD form or Transfer of Investments form and mail them to the church address on the donor letter.

If you already have an ongoing PAD with us, then fill out the Pledge card AND note any changes you want to make to your PAD, and email (or mail) this to the treasurer.

We will be collecting pledge packets at church in November.

—2020 Pledge Drive Team

Mailing Address:

Beacon Unitarian Church
Stewardship Drive
#414, 552A Clarke Road,
Coquitlam, BC V3J 0A3

Contact the Beacon Treasurer, Carol Woodworth, if you have any questions.